Son of Mars


I know many Jordan fans wasnt with the Spiz’ikes or the Fusions when they first dropped. But to look past Jordan shoes as elite or nice basketball shoes is a must. I was on the Spiz’ikes asap simply because they wasnt just “one” shoe. Combine some of the nicest J’s into one and you cant go wrong, in my opinion.

So now the “Pop Art” J’s are being introduced. Aptly named Son of Mars. I havent looked into it but my educated guess is that since Spike Lee is dubbed as Mars Blackmon at times and he created the Spiz’ike which includes several J’s into one, that this is the “son of the Spiz’ikes,” roughly put. Clever. I can hear the hate already but I say if the Bordeauxs can make it in the ‘sneaker head’ world, then these should do jus fine. Ehhh, the strap from the AJ XX kinda kills it for me but not enough to say ‘fuck it’.

Collectors, cop these when they drop March 3rd. $160 USD [Hypebeast]


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