Humble Beginnings Vol.1

So I’ve been back and forth in the sosh because I enjoy pulling myself in many different directions. Started going hard on my creative content action which you can check out HERE1 and HERE2.


Basically going to start dropping all the early days work, the cringe worthy work, the I don’t know what the hell I’m doing work which includes film and music. Oh yes ladies and gentlemen, I does it on the mic…..LOL. But yea, everyone has to start from somewhere, lets take a look back together.

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I don’t know the technical term but it was TOP 3 BEST SCENES. AGREE?

Atomic Blonde….before I get into all of that, those 4 people out there that actually give attention to this media outlet lol know that I was movies when I feel like it. Or when its free, movies cost to damn much these days. Anyway, back to Atomic Blonde


First and foremost, the movie was good. Had a good cast, how the story was told was good and very impressed with Charlize’s work on the action tip (gold clap) So to the matter that brings me to typing this. Whatever you call it when the film appears to be in one continuous shot. THAT happened a few times in here but one specific time it happened for 9 mins and it was FLAWLESS!!!! David Leitch you muthafucka lol killed it! I say appears because, anyone with some cinema savvy, knows that there are cuts but its just hidden well enough and edited seamlessly.

I am a big fan of these scenes. Birdman, the whole damn movie was like that. the Raid 2 had a good one in the rainy, muddy prison yard and a bunch more. APPRECIATE these scenes people!

Well that’s all for now. If you haven’t seen it then DO because #whynot

Please Come In – 60 second short film


This originally sparked from a Film Riot contest – 60 seconds anything you want, use Filmstro yadi yaadi yah – and, like always, it could of been better because of the world class actors I had at my disposal -_- but most people thought it was a trailer. Never even saw it that way until it was mentioned. What do yall think? I think I just my make it into a 8-10 min film. SOUND OFF!

click the link ^^


7 Days In Hell

I really don’t need to say much about this, just a check list of questions to ask you…

Do you like?

  • comedy
  • jokes
  • scandal
  • crude humor
  • nudity
  • wtf moments
  • john snow

If you answerd yes to just ONE this then hit the HBO OnDemand or HBO GO and check it out. Its a mockumentary (however you spell it) about 2 tennis players at Wimbledon who have a epic 7 day long match. It has Andy Samberg


this guy. And Kit Harrington,


this guy. Yes ladies and gentleman, John Snow lol

With Wimbledon popping off as we speak I was like what the hell, I enjoyed this so everyone else should.


Strange Tales On Campus : Photo Messages

And you know where I was at when this little guy popped up….yup…Youtuber

I especially like this one. My whole thing for doing film is with the idea that you don’t need a lot to convey. I do everything with that idea in mind and I think the people ( no didn’t find out who did this) who did this have pretty much mastered with this. There isn’t a errie sound track there isn’t hyper complicated shots there isn’t jump scares and it wooooorks. It draws you in, makes you nervous. I really hope to shoot a short as good as this is.




Movie Reviews for the Everyday Movie Goers: Savageland

So I have a friend that’s obsessed with everything Halloween, horror, thriller, scary etc. and she hit me up saying that she just watched this a is having a hard time going to sleep so i’m like YESSIR!

At first i’m like this looks low budget as hell but doesn’t mean its not good so just watch it. Its told in the aftermath of the massacre of a town and there was one survivor. The guy is accused of the murders and sentenced to death. You have interviews of all the people and how they feel and its full of racism vs. truth a reality.

What happens is told and explained through the pictures that were taken but the lone survivor.

After a while you start to see that its a zombie movie but told in a way I never seen before. I liked it or that BUT I also realized that it doesn’t work for a zombie movie lol cause I was sleeeeep. I was tired before watching it so I don’t know. If you’re looking for jump scares and screams and running and blood, then this isn’t for you, but its still worth the watch to see this different take of a zombie movie.

If you are the lucky recipient of Amazon prime by way of spending the $99 willingly or by way of being robbed by not cancelling your trial like me, then speed on over and take advantage of that willing or unwilling investment.


Movie Reviews for the Everyday Movie Goers: Life

SPOILER ALERT! I pretty much like everything I see.

Not much new here in the wake of a space movie. There’s a group of people who are close, they are there for a super important reason, add in a alien life form and that equals disaster and death.

By now we all know it’s how you do it. A million vampire movies, a million hautned house movies etc etc, the question becomes who can do it to make it feel new or refreshed? 

I liked the cast. I’ma fan of Jake, Ryan and Hiroyuki and the supporting were great too. Initially it was a bit predictable. They find this…

Become to attached and excited and forget it’s a foreign thing and you have to take precautions to 11teen infinity!!! But they don’t. Then it gets good for me with the growth and intellectual display. Starts killing people in a pretty savage way which is points from me and now I’m all in. Of course if can’t stay a little piece of snot so it turns into this…

Which was a pretty good looking creature in my book. The damn thing made u tense how it moved and crawled and you knew if it got on you it was a wrap in more than one ways.

So a lot of shit goes down, people die and then there a drastic decision that needs to be made. The obvious is made, you live I die to save humanity and then a nice little twist. One that u assume would happen but subtleties lets me to believe that it wasn’t going to this time and bam! 

Basically I’m not gonna give all the details or there’d be no reason to watch it. You like space? Aliens! Creatures? Death in space? Disasters in space? THEN ITS A NO BRAINER! Check it out. You’ll like it.