HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!! [Sounding Board]

NFL season is days away. YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! We are all excited. Devoted fans are gearing up to become unofficial members of their respective football team and cheer them on the road to the Super Bowl.
Along with the positive comes the negative. Rivalries, shit talkin  etc etc and some teams get it worse than others. You have Baltimore and Pittsburgh….they crazy with it, then whole NFC East is wild but there’s always one team that seems to have 31 teams fan hating them year after year after year LOL


A M E R I C A S     T E A M !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D A L L A S   C O W B O Y S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So for the Sounding Board, why haha why so much hate for my boys?????

K1 Visa

Anyone else going through the process?



Started watching Vice Documentaries few years ago off random online sites. Intrigued me so much because they where capturing stories around the world in a way I already, myself, viewed the world.

Real. Raw.

Think many people, especially conservative people, naïve people, need to soak up what Vice is giving.

CBS, ABC, FOX even CNN are either sugar coating or swaying the stories to look a certain way and so u can perceive it a certain way. lol watch the news?!?!? NEVER!

You want some eye opening news on the REAL WORLD head to youtube or hbo go and check them out.

Days Before Rodeo

New free album by Travi$ Scott



If you know him then you know his sound, his flow. I you don’t, its like a trip. The music and his delivery is like you are taking a drug induced trip. If either haven’t heard this then it needs to be done ASAP….here.

Something like the Holy Grail….


This is about shoes. Expecting anything else, sorry to disappoint.

2006 Jordan releases Spike Lee inspired shoes dubbed “Spiz’ike.” First shoe is called the “OG,” with the colorway of White/Green/Red, was released exclusively on the east coast and only 4,032 pairs.

I first heard of the shoe in 2007 when I saw and conquered the “Kings County” Spiz’ikes and  then realized there were 2 released before it. These 2 were always my Holy Grails. 1, many people didn’t like the shoe and 2, where I lived I was the only one really rockin them. Lot of people getting every Jordan that drops, which became redundant to me and point less, so I focused on the less desired.

2014, I wrapped my head around not ever being able to get them in retro like they did the Jordan 3, released 29034y7082374972934723 pairs of them smfh, hate those ha. But my luck turned when I see the news that the OG Spizikes are being retroed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but only 29K pairs this time.

If yall don’t know how it does with online Jordan releases, 29k will be sold out in less than 20 mins and that’s what happened. lol FUCK!

Now I am optimistic. They released them once, they will do it again and the are discontinuing the Jordan III indefinitely !!! lol

so Untill next time, the OG will still be my Holy Grail

FYI- I own zero pairs of J’s….waiting on the Aqua 8’s again and first 5 Spiz’ikes


TMNT [2014] [Revised]


After twice viewing I realized its a Nickelodeon movie…my boy and I went into it the first time ready to rip it apart lol

for what its worth as a kids movie, its not bad at all. The characters still a little magoo but it did its job. If u a die hard from 1990 then continue to read on.


Going to be brief. Been a while since I been on here. Been really busy with life in general. But as a guy who grew up on the raw TMNT movie that dropped in 1990, these previews where KILLING ME!

Now with all movies that are recreated 10-15+ years later, they want to retell a story that’s already been told, add CGI and they think itll be better.


The fact that Michael Bay produced it and it def has his touch all over it, I think that saved the movie in some areas, but surely didn’t hurt the movie. People talk about how Bay’s influence on Transformers fucked up the movies…..eaahhhh nah. I grew up on them too and I disagree.


Characters. Turtles: All didn’t hold a candle to 1990. Only one that was somewhat true to the original was Raphael. Donnie was a fuckin pussy lol….well Leo was close to true also. Mikey was extra lame and not funny most of the time. I spent a lot of time shaking my head to most of what was coming out their mouths.

Splinter: OMG they dropped the ball on him 10000 times. Voice, visual, overall….smh

Shreader: …..I guess

KC Jones “Type” guy: Im disappointed they even attempted to have a KC “type” in there. Don’t want to disrespect the true Bad Ass KC

April: Megan Fox was iight, no complaints.

The story had SO MANY HOLES IN IT. Lol I mean….smh

I give it 70/30 rating. It wasn’t all bad. Bay’s touch saved a lot of scenes and made scenes look really good especially on the tower. I did laugh a bit. The look of the turtles grew on me cause I was 100% against the movie at first sign of it being made just off their design alone.

If you haven’t seen it and you just want to see a movie, go ahead. If your die hard TMNT Fan, go see it still just to compare. If you have kids and they don’t know nada about TMNT then don’t deprive them any longer in life, and after make them watch the 1990 movie and part II but part III is optional lol


im out

Only God forgives [REVIEW]…well [THOUGHTS]



A lot to say about this but I don’t like to write lengthy reviews plus Olympics are on so yea haha

Passed on this movie for the longest because of the title. No religious reason it just didn’t strike me as interesting enough. Little did I know this was directed by Nicolas Winding Refn. If you don’t know the name this you probably know the movie Drive.

Drive I like a lot. Never seen a movie like that so when I started watching Only God Forgives I was saying to myself, this looks like drive….hmmm so I looked up the director and sure enough.

Guys brother is murdered and his mother shows up to make things right. Sounds simple enough ha but not exactly how you wouldn’t expect a movie like this to be filmed. Slow, weird, unclear, contrasting colors, lack of dialogue…..haha loved it for what it was.

lol now after watching the movie I looked at reviews and not surprised at all at the negative reviews. It really takes a special kinda viewer to appreciate a movie like this and Drive. I have my girl to think cause she wen to cinema school and opened my eyes to cinematography so now I Watch movies on more than one aspect. Honestly I love how Refn directed this and hope that with my new hobby of making short films I can accomplish this one day.

I read that Refn recently started this style cause I know he did Bronson and that movie, and others before Drive, are not in that style. I can only expect more like this in the future.